Congratulations on the birth of 3004 blower

From:Mr Cao Date:2016-10-25 22:42:09

After more than half a year of unremitting efforts and exploration by the company's related engineering and technical team, many difficulties have been overcome. Based on our own expertise and experience, 3004 (30*30*4.5MM) blower, a high-end product representing miniature and ultra-thin direct current cooling fans and fans, and even Taiwanese brand, was born in our company. After aging experiments, it can finally be mass produced.

The design of this machine is unique, the requirements of production and processing processes are very high, and the early development of the product includes a large investment in the relevant complete set of moulds and tools.

Our newly developed 3004 blower has the advantages of lower electromagnetic sound, smaller current, more beautiful appearance, more advanced design, more reasonable structure and longer service life compared with the few similar models on the market. The quality is not inferior to that of imported Taiwan and Japan, but the price is superior.

A plough, a harvest, I believe we can do better in the DC fan industry, stand higher, go faster! Farther!

Invite the vast number of manufacturers with the need for this product to inquire and negotiate letters and calls!